Monday, 8 February 2016

Counting The Advantages Of Digital Safe Over A Regular Safe

We have valuables in our home as well as in our offices that require utmost safety. Till now the traditional lock and key systems were used to keep our valuables secure and away from dirty hands. But now, with technological advancements, when an entire building can be secured using digital security systems, then keeping our tiny valuables under lock and key system should not be kept as an option. Those who still have not adopted these cutting edge means of safety will be at a loss as the traditional security systems are now gradually moving out of the frame.

Most of us have noticed that conventional lock and key systems can be easily broken and this was the major reason that incidents of thefts were ballooning. With the technology growing speedily keeping our valuables secured is not a challenging task anymore. Mahmayi Digital safe, available at the furniture stores, are being brought to use tremendously, and not only in offices but, also in the houses. Their sizes may vary depending on the amount the valuables have to be stored.

There are several benefits that are entailing the use of these products:

1.       Chances of losing key fall down to nil:
Digital security systems do not work on physical keys. Rather, they bring to use password keys. The possibility of losing a key is higher, but losing a password is somewhat difficult. Keys are kept in a pocket or purse but, a password stays in our mind or is documented somewhere. Therefore, a key can be easily lost but a password cannot be.

2.       Fast access to valuables:
In a lock and key system first will have to find a key then unlock the system. On top of that, if you are possessing more than key, then you will have to apply hit and trial till you reach the right key. In a digital system, on the other hand, use of passwords tends to make the access easier. You just need feed the password and there you are accessing your valuables within a very short time.

3.       Lesser risk of thefts:
A key in the lock and key system can be easily imitated. This might increase the chances of your valuables getting stolen. However, passwords are very difficult to track. This keeps your important things under a secured environment. Some digital security systems come attached with the alarms. Thus, if anybody tries to break them gets caught easily. The hinges, walls, bolt and the doors are made of special material to raise the level of protection.

4.       Liberty of changing password combination:
Under traditional lock and key system, the entire system had to be changed if a key gets lost or stolen. In these latest security systems, you can get the passwords changed in case you sense any threats or feel that the password has been decoded. Otherwise also, it is good to alter the passwords at regular intervals to keep threats of thefts out of your way.

These security systems are an accomplishment in the field of technology. Most of us are concerned about our valuables and put in a lot of efforts to keep them away from the thefts. Our worries can fall down to half only is we resort to using these digital security systems. There are many vendors in the market who claim to be selling the most authentic systems. But, they usually trick their customers into buying something that could be afflicting. So, buy the systems from only a trustworthy seller as this is large investment. Mahamayi office furniture in Dubai has been dealing in digital security systems and fire safes that offer a high level of security of your valuables. 

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